ePIN Project Office, maximum control with minimum effort


ePIN Project Office provides everything you need to manage complex, multi-faceted development or asset management programmes within a single solution.

ePIN Project Office enables all of your key project processes and management controls to be accessed from within a single secure extranet, and is ideal for:

  • Property companies managing large development projects comprising multiple contracts with  interdependencies that need to be monitored
  • Organisations undertaking large-scale asset management programmes involving multiple contractors and would benefit from integrated invoice processing and cost management

ePIN Project Office enables you to:

  • Control project or operational processes using online forms that are customized to suit your specific requirements
  • Monitor and report on adherence to key milestones, events and budgets
  • Manage document-based collaborative activities such as design development, procurement, and handover
  • Share information such as design standards, operational specifications, or construction documents between disparately located people and organizations based on predefined security policies
  • Track project cost, and manage invoice and payment approvals on-line
  • Maintain a full audit trail of related events

No in-house administration, or additional hardware or software is necessary. Each implementation of ePIN Project Office is tailored to suit your precise business requirements and can be up and running in a matter of days rather than months.