ePIN Programme Manager, implement refurbishment, maintenance and design-change programmes faster and cheaper

ePIN Programme Manager provides a rapid, cost-effective way to roll out multi-site refurbishment, maintenance, and design-change programmes to budget, time and common standards.

ePIN Programme Manager is ideal for programmes that span multiple locations and involve local teams, and their external suppliers or service providers. Whatever the size of the undertaking, ePIN Programme Manager dramatically reduces the cost of administration while increasing control of cost, quality and programme.

With ePIN Programme Manager you can:

  • Communicate design standards and operational specifications to team members quickly and easily
  • Manage execution processes on-line, from initiation, design and cost approval through to completion
  • Check progress and produce reports at the click of a button, to whatever detail you require

No in-house administration, or additional hardware or software is necessary. Each implementation is tailored to suit your precise project or operational needs and can be up and running in a matter of days rather than months.