Clients, testimonials from the people we've had the pleasure to work with.

"ePIN brings clarity to what information is released when. 5-7% of total project cost was saved as a result. "Chris Newns, Director, Pillar Properties plc
"Since using ePIN, our contractors have been less inclined to claim" Dave Mansell, Head of UK Projects, Frasers Property Developments.
"ePIN enables me to keep far better informed with less effort. ePIN puts me in the driving seat." Richard Webb, Vice President Project Management ProLogis Developments Ltd.
"By using ePIN disposal due process was reduced by between two to three weeks." Chris Newns, Director, Pillar Properties plc
"ePIN has strengthened Debenhams' ability to keep projects on target." Keith Wood, Project Support Manager, Debenhams plc.
"ePIN Information Manager is the most easy-to-use collaboration solution that we know. It ensures they are a benefit to our business not a burden." Matthew Jackson, Senior Architect, Macgregor Smith
"ePIN made it much easier to coordinate design activities between consultants, the contractor and sub-contractors. They made a significant contribution to the success of the project - I would strongly recommend them." David Hodgson, Partner, SP&A Architects
"The quality of implementation support has been very refreshing. ePIN has helped bring the team together and think as one." David Clark-Bell, IT Manager Mountford Pigott and Partners
"ePIN has a unique offering in a market where so often everyone looks the same." Tim Young, Partner, John Rowan and Partners
"ePIN provides excellent support - when you need something changing it gets done immediately." Wylie Egan, Burnley Wilson Fish
"ePIN has saved Nissan substantial time and money" Martyn Fisher, Director, Turner & Townsend