Roll outs


Faster, cheaper, better

Whether you are managing new store fit-outs, refurbishments, fixtures, visuals or other network-wide design changes, ePIN solutions can help you increase control, streamline operations and reduce administration costs.

Design-change roll outs

ePIN Programme Manager dramatically reduces the time and cost of managing network-wide design change programmes, where local teams must adhere to common standards and processes.

  • Enable team members and partners to access design information quickly and easily
  • Control design and cost submissions, and other approvals online
  • Monitor and report on programme progress and at the click of a button

Fixtures, fittings and visuals procurement

ePIN Information Manager helps you control and communicate the information your local teams need to procure and install fixtures, access design standards and keep point-of-sale material up-to-date.

  • Control documents and manage approval processes on-line
  • Distribute information quickly and easily
  • Keep local teams and partners abreast of the information that they need
  • Track who has downloaded what information when

Store fit out

ePIN Project Office provides complete control of store refurbishment or new-build programmes, enabling you to mitigate project risk, increase control and reduce project administration effort.

  • Manage key project processes, including design development, procurement and change management
  • Monitor costs and handle invoice approvals on-line
  • Share project information among your team quickly and easily
  • Monitor and report on progress against key project milestones