Increase certainty, reduce cost and accelerate cash inflows

ePIN's project control and collaboration solutions are designed specifically to address the complexity and diversity of engineering and construction projects, bringing new levels of control, productivity and responsiveness to the business of development.

Acting as a central project control 'hub', ePIN systems enable you to:

  • Share information between team members and other parties.
  • Coordinate and control project processes, including tendering, design development, change management, tenant interactions, contractor-lead processes such as trade-tendering and creation of as-built and other completion documents
  • Handle invoice approval and associated cost controls online
  • Track project progress of key events or project elements and associated project risk.

Each solution is customised to suit your precise project and business needs, allowing you to manage single or multiple developments through a single interface. No in-house administration is necessary - we support you throughout the entire life of the engagement, ensuring that as the project evolves your solution adapts with it. And since their inception in 1999, ePIN systems have remained the bench-mark for effective, easy-to-use collaboration.