Fund information management

Act faster, cut operational costs and enhance service

ePIN fund management solutions bring simplicity and immediacy to the management of investment fund information.

Designed for the specific needs property fund information management, ePIN systems enable you to:

Act faster

  • Accelerate transaction due diligence processes;
  • Simplify creation and management of multi-national portfolios;
  • Access fund and asset information at the press of a button, wherever you are.

Cut operational costs

  • Remove administration costs;
  • Reduce the cost of retrieving, collating and storing information;
  • Remove the need for third-party fund management services.

Enhance service

  • Provide prospective investors with instant access to up-to-date marketing, news and other information;
  • Enable investors or partners to access performance information in a consistent, secure and user-friendly manner;
  • Manage sales and due diligence operations on-line.

No in-house administration or additional hardware or software is necessary. Your solution is customised to suit your precise business needs and can be up and running in a matter of days.

Fully supported and maintained by ePIN, it is managed within a high-availability, high-security environment in line with international best practice. Access is strictly controlled according to user-specific security permissions that you define, and all events are recorded, stored and accessible in line with FSA requirements.