ePIN's BIM enabled forward-thinking project control and project collaboration systems enable real estate and construction companies and their teams to meet their goals smarter and faster.

Our internet-based solutions enable you to increase control of those activities that are critical to the success of your business. They allow you to share information and manage processes with clients, partners and suppliers quickly, easily and securely. And without the need to change the way you work or invest in additional administrative resources.

ePIN delivers innovation you can build on.


Quick and easy to use

  • Mobile and Desktop access to all your project data
  • The fastest document submission tools
  • Bulk File Upload, Folder Upload, Upload Next Revision
  • Native file pickers and drag n drop
  • Bulk Downloads
  • Automated document data extraction - submit 100s of files without typing a thing
  • Automated meta-data tagging - organise and search for content your way
  • Custom meta-data fields
  • Powerful but simple search options
  • Quick reporting to spreadsheets
  • Correspondence Response Tracking
  • Custom Workflows and Trigger Actions

Increase certainty

  • Document activity alerts and forensic audit trail analysis
  • Template Document Generation and automatic referencing
  • Increase control of key processes
  • Actively Manage Risks, Issues and Changes
  • Contract Administration (inc FIDIC, NEC, JCT, AIA, AGC)
  • Framework Contract Management
  • Automated Performance Tracking
  • Track Decisions through the most complex of workflows
  • Manage Cost Plans
  • Track design and submittal approvals
  • Increase accountability
  • Get the right information to the right people when they need it
  • Avoid the delays, abortive work and disputes that occur with traditional methods of operation
  • Record and Track installed components and assets

Reduce costs

  • Reduce the cost of controlling and coordinating operations
  • Reduce process cycle times
  • Reduce mistakes, rework and waste
  • Reduce the financial and environmental impact of storing, printing and distributing information
  • Remove duplication of effort by creating a single point to manage information and inter-company processes

Improve communication

  • Multi-lingual - including custom vocabularies/lexicons
  • Project e-mail Integration - Exchange, Google Apps etc
  • Submit documents on-the-go from mobile devices by e-mail
  • Task/Todo Management - on system and via all mobile and desktop platforms
  • Reminders sent to your mobile device
  • Project Fax - fax documents into the system
  • Back-office System Integrations
  • Fully featured data API

Embrace Best Practices

  • Bi-directional BIM model data interface
  • Efficiently manage and distribute design elements and BIM model components
  • Enforce best practice data management practices
  • Manage and benefit from virtual global project teams
  • Achieve detailed auditing of all processes with no additional effort
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with ease

Improve service

  • Give clients, partners and prospects instant access to the information they need from within a controlled, secure and fully audited environment
  • Keep them informed of latest news and events through on-line alerts
  • Complete transactions faster and easier

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • Reduce wastage, travel, and printing
  • ePIN makes it easy to involve the best talent around the world to optimise your project
  • ePIN lead the way in becoming carbon neutral over 5 years ago


Developed over 15 years by construction industry professionals, ePIN solutions offer the functionality, flexibility and ease of use to succeed – with no change to your existing systems and in a matter of days rather than months. Used on tens of thousands of projects around the world, ePIN is the smart choice for increasing savings and reducing risk on your projects.

"ePIN brings clarity to what information is released when. 5-7% of total project cost was saved as a result."Chris Newns, Director, Pillar Properties plc